Expansive Business Coaching

Expansive Business Coaching

Expansive Business Coaching

Financial and Business Advisory

  1. Sessions aimed at detecting opportunities in your business model through leader coaching and strategic planning.
  2. Participation in strategic meetings in order to add perspective and value to the business.
  3. Cost-effective organizational development workshops

Through online or face-to-face group workshops we work on specific areas of leadership (change management, conflict management, assimilation of new leaders, remote supervision and delegation, collaboration and teamwork) and process optimization (process simplification, time management, use of email, meeting management, etc.).

The power of these sessions is in the interaction within the organization’s team, which makes learning exponential and facilitates the fulfillment of the commitments made between collaborators back to their work. In addition, we prepare the workshops by focusing on the client´s specific needs.

“You don’t achieve harmony when everyone plays the same note.” Doug Floyd

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Broadened the careers of organizational leaders into positions of greater influence and purpose.