What do my clients say?

This is what some of my clients say about our services

Gabriel Conde,

CEO of GTI Health, Ecuador


To be honest, at the beginning I did not believe that Expansive Coaching was going to impact my business in a significant way. I contacted Eduardo due to a recommendation. However, from the very first session I realized that I was in the right place. In the first three weeks I was able to perceive specific changes in my way of leading my team, who have undoubtedly also perceived the change, which has brought more empowerment and confidence.

Also, when I was challenged by Eduardo, I opened a new, very profitable business opportunity within my company that has allowed me to cover all the losses initially caused by Covid-19. My company is better today than ever before.

Ingrid Cóbar

Commercial Finance Manager Caricom, Alimentos Kellogg’s, Guatemala


Expansive Coaching has allowed me to discover myself week by week, enabling me to develop my potential and achieve my goals. I would recommend to anyone interested in breaking down their mental barriers, that they decide to take sessions with Eduardo. He is a Coach who challenges you to look from different points of view thanks to his experience in different countries and positions. This process has been a unique transformational experience.

Rodrigo Pinot

Senior Global Financial Executive, Novartis Pharmaceutical, Switzerland


Expansive Coaching changed my life, both professionally and personally, helping me identify the areas that were disrupting my development. Eduardo accompanied me in a process of deep inquiry until I managed to internalize that in the outside world there are circumstances and situations that I cannot change, but within that reality I can be more effective and find self-realization.

Norma Valenzuela

Service Delivery Manager for Latin America, Capgemini (account: Unilever), Guatemala


From my first session with Eduardo, I was challenged in my way of seeing my circumstances, beginning to discover blind spots in my style of working and leading. After only 3 months of putting what I learned into practice, I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and have rediscovered my potential and value. Now I am starting to get the best out of my team as well. Today I feel like a more solid professional.


Digital Development Leader, Virginia Airlines, Australia


The Expansive Coaching sessions with Eduardo have transformed the way I see myself through different analyzes, which has tangibly helped me to lead inside and outside my team, and something very important: to delegate naturally to focus on what more important.




Any company has hidden potential and ours had it. However, we did not realize it. Eduardo helped us not only to reveal our potential, but also helped us to refocus our processes and our finances, to be more effective. I believe from the heart, that my company was another, after the expansive Coaching sessions.


Executing Business and Digital Transformation

The Expansive Coaching sessions with Eduardo Villegas has had a tremendous positive impact on the way I work and deal with professional and personal challenges. Eduardo always brings a broader and deeper perspective to the different problems based on his diverse and rich experiences and knowledge. He has led me to the root causes of the situations and is not afraid of questioning or challenging my way of thinking. Today I feel a stronger and better professional.

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