Expansive Coaching for Leaders

Expansive Coaching for Leaders

Expansive Coaching for Leaders

Amplifying your Career

How does it work? Identifying your limiting mental models.

Reality does not exist. What we perceive as “reality” is our understanding of each situation. Every human being without exception unconsciously defines their own reality and sees it distorted through filters drawn by their personal history, culture, emotions, language and even biology.

Those limiting filters limit your potential and travel with you because they live within you. But through hour-long weekly sessions, we can apply different inquiry techniques and try small practical tasks where you begin to discern facts from perceptions, circumstances from convictions. The fog begins to dissolve, and the mental map widens; your gaze expands as you begin to identify what those barriers are and how they are limiting your professional progress.

What happens when those limiting mental models are identified?

The most powerful thing about this process is that you don´t have to fight against those barriers. As you discover them, they disappear. You will begin to see what you did not see, and your perspective will expand towards more assertive and effective levels. Your leadership will grow.

Every obstacle discovered is an obstacle knocked down. It is not a strategy that you learn or a technique that you must remember. It is not about memorizing steps to achieve your goals because that is training. Expansive Coaching produces transformation, changes in your perspective, so that each step amplifies your vision and is earned for life.
The sessions have a mixture of coaching and mentoring which, depending on your situation and needs, allows us to accelerate the achievement of results.

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