Eduardo Villegas, Amplifier of Your Professional Career

Expand the perspective of leaders to amplify their positive impact wherever they are!

Although I have achieved a successful career that includes 18 years working in Latin America, Asia and the United States, in top multinational companies and in local, regional, and global roles, when I evaluate my progress and decisions in a critical way, I realize I missed great growth opportunities because I closed doors myself.

How? Through ineffective behaviors and decisions caused by limiting mental models that made me slow down when I was supposed to accelerate, or vice versa. I experienced periods of anxiety due to incorrect assumptions and because in many cases, I did not see beyond the obvious.

“It is not only about getting there but about how you get it.”

After many years of managerial experience and training as a professional coach, I am dedicated to broadening the professional career of organizational leaders (managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and ministers) towards positions of greater influence and purpose. My passion is accompanying thousands of professional talents to amplify their vision and identify opportunities that they currently do not see and expand their leadership through self-knowledge so that they achieve rewarding and meaningful careers.

My solid training as a certified coach, my passion for developing talent and my 25+ years of experience leading high-performance teams in different geographies give me a unique mix that will save you time, effort, and stress as your career progresses. It´s not just about getting there but about how you get there.

About me

Broadened the careers of organizational leaders into positions of greater influence and purpose.